Royal Posture - Posture Support Belt

Rs 2,500 Rs. 749


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  • S / M
  • L / XL


  • Royal Posture - Energizing Posture Support
  • Great for Men and Women
  • Align Yor Spine & Improves Posture!
  • Relieve Muscle Strain in your Neck, Shoulder and Back caused by poor posture by Aligning your spine with Royal Posture

Size:            Men (Waist)              Women (Size)
S / M:                25-36                            0-16
L / XL:              37-58                            18-38

Instructions to Wear:

  • Slide the straps around your shoulders
  • Wrap the waist back around your torso.
  • Fasten securely for a comfortable fit
  • Adjust the strap under your arm to see your posture improve.

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